Donnerstag, 3. Dezember 2009

Baños del Inca

At the moment we are in Baños del Inca which has thermal wells. The town is surrounded from beautiful mountains. It is planned to leave Banos on saturday to Cuenca which should be the nicest city of Ecuador..... We will see!

Lago Verde Quilotoa

The Laguna Quilotoa was a unplanned stop into the Andes in 4000 Meters. Our "Lonely Planet Guide" says this is a absulut must for the trip through latin America - and the trip up to this height was worth it. Wonderfull landscape and ineresting people who arrange their lives into the rought nature.
My motorcycle has still around 25 PS from 50 PS because of the low Oxygene in this height. But not only the motorcycle - i had these problems to when we walked around the crater. Everything is a little slower.



Quito was very nice with a historic old town. We stood there for one day and explored the city.



Wow, this was a kick to set my foot the first time into the southern hemisphere. The GPS switches from North to South with "0" in the first row.