Mittwoch, 25. November 2009


Because of the carburator problems we left Medellin at 1 pm so we couldnt reach Salentro before the sunset. Our rule number one - never ride in the dark - forces us to stay in Pereira. Today we ride to the nice old town in the mountains.

Salento was really nice and a place to stay longer. But the timer runs........

Ride to Medellin

Medellin was the nicest of the modern citys on our trip. In the part of the city where our Kiwi Hostel was located there was a lot of green and we felt like to be in a rainforest. The ride to the city went through a very nice mountain area with heights of around 3000 Meters (around 9000 feet) and it was cold.....;-)
Unfortunatelly i couldnt visit the city which is famous for sculptures because of problems with the carburator of my bike. In the height i had no power over 4000 rpm which causes to a change of the jets into the carburator. This bike was never sold in Central and South America (exept Brasil) and it was not easy to adjust the mixture screws of the carb. I spent nearly three days in a repair shop..... Thanks the wonderfull team of Suzuki Superservicios in Medellin for the help. The bike runs after the difficult adjusts like a new one.
At the weekend we drove with the team of Suzuki Superservicios and the BMW Shop Routa Cuarenta into the mountains to a monolith in the middle of a very nice lake area.

Dienstag, 24. November 2009


This City is the most beautiful City of South America says the Travel Guide Lonely Planet and indeed it is a charming restored colonialstil city. The walk into the streets moves you into another time. The people of Cartagena are very nice and friendly. Specially after the war against the FARC the people are very open and helpfull to visitors.

Freitag, 20. November 2009

Boatride with the Stahlratte to Cartagena

We left Panama at the of November at 06:00 a.m. to catch to boat which leaves from Carti to Cartagena. For this we had to drive on a mud track through the rainforest and a wide river to a indian village. The indians load our bikes on a small wooden boat. I thought this thing would sink with these two heavy bikes....... From this boad the bikes were loaded to the Stahlratte. We drove to a nice Island in the middle of nowhere to spent a relaxt day in the wonderfull water and on the island. In Cartagena we had to unload the bikes by hand.