Mittwoch, 22. September 2010

Why ends the tour in Chile

Hello Friends and Family,

i stopped the blog in Chile because not having Internet Access for a loooooong time. This winter i will complete my tour down to Ushuaia and Back to Buenos Aires. The motorcycle is back in Germany and had a complete Overhauling. Now it runs like a new one. Ceci lives with me in Germany now and we will marry in a few weeks. And that`s not the end of the news. We will have a Baby next March!
Seems i have to look for a Sidecar! ;-)

This trip changes my life and was the trip of my dreams. I have new wonderfull friends who share this experience of the Adventure South America on a motorbike with me. The Cosmoto`s!

Check this blog in November/ Dezember again!

cosmoto germany

Dienstag, 23. Februar 2010

Chile: Atacama Desert and Antofogasta

The Atacama is the driest desert on earth and the last rainfalls where 400 years ago. The result is no green only stones and sand - i have seen enough stones for the rest of my life.... ;-)
The manos are a symbol of the Atacama and really big. In Antofogasta we met our friend Gert from the Netherlands again who lives in Bolivia. Unfortunately he couldn`t ride with us south and have to say Goodbye for a few months....... ;-)

Bolivia to Chile offroad

This was the hardest motorcycle ride of my life. 600 km offroad on very bad roads and deep sand. And on the top the rears suspension of my bike died. After this i was well shaked...... Fortunately we rented with the group a 4x4 service vehicle which carries our luggage. With all this stuff on the bike it would be impossible to ride this track.
Thank god that the spectacular crashes in our group are get of lightly.
The landscape compensate all this and was only stunning. The laguna colorada which changes the color from blue to red when the bacterias are getting the first sun or the laguna verde are unblievable and unforgettable sites.
After 600 km`s we all kissed the asphalt road in Chile..... ;-)

Bolivia: Salar de Uyuni

The salar of Uyuni was with Machu Picchu one of the Highlight of the whole tour. The salar is the biggest salt flat of the world. The white of the salt is very strong and
althought we had sun glasses the sun bites in our eyes. The salt hotel was closed, but we visited it from outside. Everything inside like beds, chairs and tables - everything made of salt. Because of the water on the salar i decided to take a 4x4 car for the trip on the salar. The salt is very agressiv to the electrical kontacts on the bike.

Bolivia: Sucre

In Sucre we met very nice people who rode with us into the woods around of Sucre. Fabrizio gave me his CR450 for a incredible ride on a motocross track and on the dirtroads. After two rounds i was totally exhausted. I never drove a motorcycle with this acceleration. Stunning!!!!!!
Thanks Fabrizio and Maria for the wonderfull time together! I definitely come back to Bolivia!